Our Story

Shelly Domke has been singing since she was 8 years old.  Her first public performance she remembers was singing harmonies with her sister (then 10) in church.  Even at that young age, she wanted to be the singer who harmonized.

A music and theatre major out of Concordia University, St. Paul, Shelly has focused her entire life on being able to sing and perform with others in choirs, churches, musical theatre and live bands.  Not on stage, but behind the scenes, she music directs for Candid Theatre Company and other local productions.  She even hosts karaoke with Premier Entertainment in S Mpls and in St Paul to keep the song alive and have a chance to sing duets with all her friends and fans.

As a performer, Shelly sings a wide variety of styles from country to jazz to rock to contemporary Christian.  Preferring to be in a group and harmonizing has given her the opportunity to sing with a whole lot of people in a whole lot of venues.  Her current main band, What's Next, is performing about once a month in venues all over the twin cities - always looking for new places to play, always bringing the fun cover music you love to dance to - rock, country and pop.

In 2012, Shelly took her dream of recording her own CD by the reins and called in every favor she had to produce her own Christmas Album.  With 2 original songs and a lot of original arrangements, her featured CD "Could You Be" is an amazing collaboration of arrangements and harmonies that will have you listening to carols in July.  Download it from Bandcamp, Itunes, Amazon or CD Baby.

Shelly loves to back up other singers in the area at their shows - having performed with other variety bands like Screamer's Addiction, Jana Anderson, Sam Kuusisto, Stealing Dan and Fleetwood Mac Attack!  Her ability to step in and sing with almost anyone is one of her biggest strengths!

Shelly also sings with a few original bands.  Shelly's been honored to play and sing with Kerns and the Hemispheres for more than 10 years, collaborating and writing and performing.  Steadily doing acoustic duet shows with lead singer John Kerns at places like JoJo's Rise and Wine and The Aster Cafe, as well as full band shows rocking The Amsterdam, The Fine Line, Minnehaha Falls outdoor concert series and others.  Check out their album Electron Drive here!

Rob Meany has been a very influential singer/songwriter for Shelly as well.  She's been featured as the back up singer for his original music in a number of shows - primarily, the CD Release of his 3rd album, Dust and Fiction, the performance of his 2nd Album, Four Blocks To Hennepin in it's entirety at The Icehouse Minneapolis, and finally and most recent, the CD Release of his first solo album, Ferris Wheels Unbound, also at the Icehouse.  His band's CD cataloge is a do not miss and should be listened to as often as possible.

Right now, she's working on forming a NEW group, in addition to the rest of her bands.  Choosing to grab musicians she hadn't had a chance to work with, she's looking for a different sound with a little more soul. trying to hit the laid back, jazzier brunch circuit, they'll be doing everything from Tuck and Patti to Eryka Badu to Lorde to Sarah McLaughlin  - Watch for those shows!!  You won't want to miss it!